Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Living with our past

We came across a piece of lip training device that have been scientifically proven to solve a few issues. Oya the director for Parataka lip trainer explained the importance of para-sympathetic nervous control with sympathetic nervous control in our body. He share with us how 3-4 times training of our lips with their patented lip trainer can help reduce snoring after a couple of weeks, reduce morning dry throat syndrome, choking syndrome etc.

This lip trainer acts to strengthen some facial muscles which leads to training the para-sympathetic nervous system. With the strengthen facial muscles, it opens up the airways to the nasal pathways, increasing blood flow to the brain. As a result, one will wake up feeling fresher.

He also explained why some people have sudden quicken heart rates, this is due the the drop in oxygen levels to the brain and therefore the brain tells the heart to beat faster to increase the blood flow thereby increasing the oxygen levels to the brain. We all know that oxygen is require to sustain our very complex neural system. Otherwise, we'll be vegetables, brain dead.

This device is said to reduce high blood pressure, reduce snoring at night, reduce frequency to the bathroom, reduce choking syndrome, improve Alzheimer's disease, down syndrome, autism, speech and many more.

More information can be found here.

Why Living with our past as the title of this blog?

Because we came across this device together with Godma. Godpa left us last Nov, some of the difficulties he was experiencing were swallowing food. This lip trainer would have given him more relief from eating his favourite food if he had used it. Godma was once again saddened. You can sense that disappointment of WHY din we find this earlier?

Once a person leaves us, we cannot turn back the clock. There'll be endless times when we asks ourselves why din we do something for that person. Why din we come across something earlier.

We are only human. Only we ourselves know whether we've done beyond our best in any occasions. God knows that too! And He knows us before we know ourselves. Its all part of God's plan for each of our experiences, be it good or bad. We pass on what we've learnt and pray that our loved ones would not commit the same mistakes that we did. And if after trying our best, they still do, we can only interpret it as part of God's plan for them. It is not for us or anyone to decide what another person does. We can only do our best for them.

And when we've done our best, we'll have to learn to stop torturing ourselves with all the "what ifs". Instead, learn to really widen our horizons and move on. Focus on what's ahead, what's important.

God, I pray for strength to carry on each day, looking forward to what You have put in place for me. I know that You will not let me walk alone in the dark shadows nor leave alone to face adversities. God I pray that you'll give us wisdom to learn what is important and what is not for our days ahead. God I also pray that you'll hug my father's soul tightly and I take comfort that he is with You. For all the things that I did and did not do for my father, I ask for Your forgiveness. Please grant us peace in our days.

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