Thursday, March 18, 2010

I have so much to be grateful for

The past few weeks is just nothing short of being amazing. Things occur at whirlwind speed yet there was so much positivity in the air. There were some dangerously low points but yet it was turned around by God's grace.

Indeed God is the one who performs miracles where we thought that everything was impossible.

Thank you God! You are the BEST!

Just to give a short summary:

1. We put ourselves in the danger of losing $10k but God turned it 100% around for us.
It was a lesson to learn not to be hasty with God's money.
And never to make any major decision when we are tired.
Always always pray to God to ask for HIS opinion and listen hard, watch out for the smallest signs that may tell you NO.
Always always be prepared.
Better to be safe than sorry.
I counted about 5 hints from God to tell us NO but we totally missed them.

2. By the end of the week, God has showed me that if I am willing to put aside my own tiredness, laziness, He will reward my hard work. And He did. In 3 days, I've met up with some amazing people and closed my 1st property deal. God is really good to me. I did put my 1st ever exam in like 8yrs at risk by that deal. I figured there'll always be another exam I can sit for but there may not be another great house for my client. With that thought, it cleared all pathways and we had the most amazing time taking the exam. Waiting for the results is the scary part......

3. With that 1st deal, I was able to fulfill my dream of giving my family a treat. Its been a while since we all sat down together to eat. We had a jolly good time. I'm thankful for the opportunities that God has created to keep our family bonded together. God is really good. He's ahead of anyone of us with His plans.

4. God knows when we're ready to be parents and He decides for us. There were times when we were impatient. There were times when we were ignorant. There were also times when we were doubtful (maybe it was just me). God used so many lessons to show me to have complete trust in Him. And in Him alone. When I can do that, there is such a sense of peace and comfort from the Holy Spirit. And that's when I knew I was obeying to the right one.

5. In this season of Lent, I was inspired to do something less conventional. Instead of fasting, I spent the day thinking about a theme centered around a group of people in my life.
On Mondays, I think of children, all the little children around us, I talk to God about their needs and pray for them.
Tuesdays, married couples are my focus. I ask God to show me how to make our marriage a more loving one. How to be a more loving wife. Who are the model couples that we can learn from? And who are those in need of a prayer as well.
Wednesdays are for individuals, some have work-related struggles, while others long for a partner to share their lives with. So have problems with addiction. I ask God to watch over them and guide them towards their path. Help to know more of what God can do for them.
Thursdays are for elderlys, so many dear ones are aging faster than we can remember. I would think of each of them and ask God what good lessons can I learn from each one of them? How can we do our part for them? And most definitely, I would ask God to always watch over them, protect them from harm, keep them healthy & strong. For those who are unwell, to recover with God's mercy & grace.
Fridays are for anything under the sun. Love this day because its also the end of the week. Anything can happen. And ALOT of things did happened on Fridays.
With this practice, I realized that I was talking more to Jesus in my heart. Leaning closer to Him and learning to be more of a servant like Him.
Just a simple idea with such a wondrous reward. God is truly amazing!

6. I had kinda a slap in my face which I dun think I deserved. In my shock of trying to figure how much responsibility should I take for getting the "black mark", God put my manager in that same space as I was. (My manager was not supposed to be in office that night and God put him there) So my manager witness or heard the whole conversation and shared that I did the right thing by protecting the interest of my clients. I found comfort in those comforting words, God knows how important that was for me and He gave them to me through another person. And learnt to play the positive tunes in my head more to drown out those negative ones. I'm definitely still on the road of learning to be a better person. But definitely there's alot to be grateful for in this life time.

7. I closed another deal last night!!! It was such a total surprise as I just did my best juggling tight schedules to fulfill my role as a wife, daughter + friend. With only 3hours of sleep, I did the best I could, thankfully I had some very forgiving clients who did not mind me getting lost in the jungle of many flats. It was so unbelievable. The best part is, the co-broke agent was a jolly soul. Such a joy to meet another jolly soul. And the BESTEST part is, I learnt that my friend's mum is a believer in Christ!!! I'm so happy for her! I'm happy for my friend too!

The 7 wonders of my life for now. More to come I'm sure!

So dun hesitate so much anymore, start walking closely with God and He'll show you endless miracles & surprises!

God provides!

Thank you God!



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