Wednesday, February 25, 2009

God is Good!

There's been a dark cloud over our heads which we've been seeking God's intervention.

In one night, two were given! Thank You God for answering our prayers!

Although issues are still hanging but at least we see the small steps towards some resolution of these issues. And that is enough for us to keep praying and working things out because at the end of the day, You Lord are the big guy who runs the show.


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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Miracle Box

Movie by my much loved HK actress Ada Choi and quite charming but not a great actor Tse Kwan-Ho.

A mega tear jerker for me, caught bits of this movie while I was channel surfing and was totally hooked on to it.

A love story between two doctors who centered their lives around Christian values and how to bring hope to others. Its really their theme song that added so much pun to the movie that whenever the music starts, tears just flow out of my eyes like someone just turned on the tap at full blast!

There was this scene when Ada questioned the presence of God in her life (just after she lost her dearly beloved husband)... man.... I was sobbing harder than her!!! There is something about this scene + music that blast my tear glands to their max.

Here's the lyrics of the theme song:
Title: 彩虹下的约定 (Promise under the Rainbow)
Written by: 林志美

我空虚的心灵 The emptiness of my soul
终于不再流泪 Is finally not tearing
期待着雨后 Anxiously awaits for the rain to end
缤纷的彩虹 To see the colorful rainbow
诉说你我的约定 To witness our promise

我不安的脚步 My troubled steps
终于可以停歇 Can finally rest
主你已为我 Lord you have
摆设了生命的盛宴 Planned the my life's banquet
与你有约 For the date with you Lord,
是永恒的约 Lasts forever, till eternity

彩虹为证 Rainbow as our witness
千古不变 Would not change with ages/time
我要高歌 I want to sing out loud
为生命喜悦 For the joy in life
万物歌颂你的慈爱 All adore Your loving grace
大地诉说你的恩典 All speak of your forgiving nature.

Link here to the movie's official website.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Birthday Party!

My gal fren celebrated her birthday last night with lots and lots to cheer for....

because she's got lots and lots of attention!! hahaha

as a sign of birthday twist, we celebrated with some of our favourite characters instead...

Happy Birthday my fren!

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A sign of peace

Going to church has became such a large part of our lives that I actually do miss going to church when I'm away.

Attending mass in other churches occasionally is great because it allows us to hear from a different priest with sometimes an interesting perspective to the same topic.

STC has this serenity about it, its quietly strong stature gives me immense amount of strength each time I get a chance to sit by the sides to just quietly look at the church building. There is just this beautiful feeling that one can get by just looking at its building.

In times of stress, chaos, emotional roller coaster rides, sometimes all we need is quietness and stillness to balance out. To remind us that God will provide and take care of us. :D

So here's a pic of STC to help us all when we dun have access to the real thing. :)

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Welcome to the family, Baby S!


Saturday, February 07, 2009

12/7 internet banking? What For?

What's the point of having internet banking when its not fully 24/7?

I can understand if there are regular maintenance on the servers, for updates or security testing etc. But ever so often?

I have tried on so many occasions UNSUCCESSFULLY to login or do my internet banking transactions after midnight that its beginning to defeat the purpose of having internet banking when they do NOT work post-working hours!

If you can only carry out all your internet banking transactions in the day, you can also walk into any bank to do them, why encourage internet banking but not allow customers to fully enjoy the independence of time and space?

This is so sickening! Imagine if I have to made a serious internet banking procedure just before departure to another country for an emergency, this could be a life or death situation you know?

Eg. My dad was sent to hospital at 11pm, diagnosed with heart attack while he was on a holiday. I had to fly out to meet him on the first available flight the next day. I stayed up the whole night to prepare for the emergency trip and I had to have $ in my bank! Do you have any idea how much was the repatriation cost? Too much!

Yes, emergencies do not happen often and we pray that we all do not ever have to activate money matters under such situations. But we do need the assurance that we can rely on the bank to provide for us an unfailing service!

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Butterfly in the neighborhood

Yes, I saw a pretty large butterfly in my neighborhood!

I have never witness a free flying butterfly in my neighborhood before!

It was happily sucking nectar from a bunch of flowers while I was setting my camera to take its picture when a man with a loud voice marched along the path... Butterfly flew away to another bush much further away and kept moving till it was beyond my "reach".

Sigh, would have been lovely to capture its existence, can "chop" the mark that our tiny row of bushes is capable of sustaining greater diversity other than ants.

Well, now you know this, keep your eyes open when you walk along those neighborhood pathways, you'll never know when you'll meet a butterfly!

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Cut Overheads to Sustain Profits *scratch head*

Was reading Tommie Goh's interview on ST when they mentioned that Thai Express and his other food chain made a 100million turnover last year.

That was when I have a few questions in my mind. Where does all those profits go? I am seriously curious.

There are many companies that claims that they are making a "loss" not in real money loss but more of a loss in profits and therefore have to set in alot of unpopular policies. Honestly, what do they do with the real profits?

I'm referring to SMRT, Trans-Island, Comfort etc, these folks make real $ from commuters who have no other cheaper alternatives and yet they often cite "cover cost", "losses" as reasons to increase our transportation cost. Dun tell me that their CEOs etc are getting a pay cut as a result of their "loss" lor. Its really just a matter of making their bonus bigger than the previous years.

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Michelle Obama - more than just pretty clothes

When the live telecast of Barrack Obama's Presidency Inauguration was on, all the time whenever the camera was pointed to the First Lady, the commentators would discuss her wardrobe. Even on the news when they talk about her, it was still pretty much how unique or special her different outfit was. The next day, they even interviewed the jeweler who designed her necklace....

And I kept thinking that there must be more to America's First Lady! Stop fashion-worshipping her! That is so not going to promote the fashion industry in this economic downturn just because the First Lady is wearing some exquisite jewelry!

So after some more reading and hunting, the First Lady's resume is prettier than her clothes!

Check out what Wiki has on her. Stop treating her like a fashion icon people!

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