Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Things that I will never understand perhaps...

There's this activity which a group was interested to participate on a monthly basis or at least seems to be interested to participate.

But since the beginning, it has been an uphill task to gather the members together every month. Like little children, they have to be coax and conjured to the activity. If so, then why do they make that initial agreement to it in the first place?

Or time has changed their minds about it?

If so, why not just be straightforward to admit that the activity has no significance to them and they would rather let it end?

Instead, every month now, I have to go round coaxing the little children to get together for something perhaps they themselves see no meaning in.

Should I just stop being hopeful about it already?

I think I'll have to seek higher powers for this....

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Ooi cannot anyhow take ah!

I got a shock today when I was going to do some internet banking.

I have a debit card from DBS/POSB bank many many years ago. Then, they tell you that there's NO annual fee, no admin charges, totally easy to use etc etc etc

TODAY, in my account, they made 2 deductions without any notice!

One for annual fee, second one for GST for the annual fee.

Wah, can like that wan ah? Can the bank just withdraw annual fee without any notice?

I angri leh!

Called the bank immediately!

But the customer service lady was too nice to be angri with.. nonetheless, I have reflected the issue to them seriously and requested for a response in writing. At the same time, I've also maintain the rights to cancel the card.

Scared leh, they just deduct $ from your account at will!

So pls go check your bank statements carefully! Dun let anyone or any organisation kop your $!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

"A Typical Day in the Life of a Chinese Man"

in the light of the melamine-tinted milk products that is affecting world-wide supplies of any milk related products/industry, there is an increasing need for awareness in what goes into the food that we eat, the products that we use. Natural leather smells GREAT but how often are the bags/shoes/car seats made of real leather, would the average joe be able to tell the difference? The blog below is a direct copy from The China Blog.


This is a spoof diary of a day in the life of an ordinary Chinese that has been circulating on the web recently (in Chinese here, for example). I have edited out large chunks as it gets pretty repetitive, though that of course is the point. The excellent translation is courtesy of Chris Hughes of the London School of Economics and Political Science to whom we extend our thanks for his permission to use it. (I have also dropped his footnotes that link the reference to specific chemicals mentioned to actual incidents in which they were found to have been used in China.) This sometimes stomach turning account is representative of a whole range of stuff that has been appearing on the web--spoof TV ads for the milk companies involved in the ongoing scandal over tainted milk powder (here for example, courtesy of danwei.com), doctored print adds featuring witty (and not so witty) jokes about milk powder and so on. Talk about black humor. (There's also an interesting swipe at super-nationalist/'my-country-right-or-wrong types at the end, by the way):

I wake up in the morning and... I turn on the renovated TV ... The TV weather forecast says the air condition will be good. I look at the sky for a while – Oh! A very yellow sun! I will not need to wear my acid rain proof raincoat today. After I get out of bed and put on my carcinogenic ‘amine scented’ Walmart clothes, and my suit that has been dry cleaned with carcinogenic acetylene tetrachloride, I feel that there is a slight odour on my body and burning in my eyes. Luckily I can freely use my scent for non-pregnant men and the sparkle immediately returns to my eyes. I pick up the toothpaste with its slight traces of the chemical Triclosan and let it react in my mouth with the chlorinated tap water to produce carcinogenic Trichloromethane. I always eat well in the morning and after using the carcinogenic toothpaste I wipe my face with the Benzidine contami nated towel, have a cup of Melamine polluted milk, eat some fried bread sticks (youtiao) cooked in diesel, dipped in some chile source died with Sudan Red, added to a bowl of duck egg gruel with poison rice and egg with large amounts of Lead Oxide, not forgetting of course do add some condiments made with chemical ingredients. After a belch, I put on the helmet I bought for 10 renminbi to keep away the traffic cops and go out. I get on the motorbike which has just had its cut price famous brand brake pads changed and carefully go off to work.

Our hero continues to ingest horrific amounts of chemicals, including when his boss treats him to a fancy dinner:
The boss is very happy when he hears the report and of course offers to entertain everyone for dinner. Before dinner we all drank a cup of Biluochun tea died with lead and chrome, and have some pine nuts roasted in caustic soda and Sodium metabisulfite along with some pumpkin seeds in talcum powder and paraffin wax. The dinner itself is of course more sumptuous, with DDVP soaked Jinhua ham and chicken feet soup, boiled beef with spicy source washed and filtered by thousands of people, beef injected with water [6]and contraceptive fattened eel slices with red pepper, soy-cooked squid rolls puffed with caustic soda and preserved in formaldehyde, dyed Carmine pork, steamed crab raised on several types of Western medicine and dead cats, dogs and ducks, garlic shrimps baptised in human urine. He also orders a plate of seasonal green vegetables with excess pesticides cooked in hogwash oil. There are some bottles of ‘15-Year-Old Maotai’ spirit ‘filtered’ through women’s stockings and a couple of boxes of artificial sweeteners and red wine with excess colouring. The filler is steamed bread buns bleached with Benzoyl peroxide . Finally there is a plate of fruit with strawberries, peaches, apples and water melons grown large and ripe with hormones.

Not surprisingly, our boy doesn't feel so good when he gets home:
I feel very tired when I get home. My head is dizzy and I can’t sleep. I take some sleeping pills made with glutinous rice, but it is no use. Because I have caught a cold I ask the company for some time off when I get up in the morning. I take some carcinogenic diethylene glycol glycerine that has been passed off as cough medicine, but I do not take a turn for the better all day. After passing a few days like this, my headache gets even worse, I became nauseous, lack energy, sweat, vomit, and have diarrhea. So I have to go to hospital. The instant intravenous revival is no use, so the doctor can only give me false medicine produced by Shangqi,[ but it still isn’t any use! Finally the doctor consults and recommends that I go to the US for a complete examination and ask an expert from the FDA there to find the real cause. As soon as I hear I have to leave the country, I suddenly become excited: I resolutely will not go! I was born a Chinese person, and will die a Chinese spirit. I want to be a pure Chinese person!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Milk Products on Recall

This is a list that I received today via email, not sure if these are all the products at risk or just partial, currently on AVA website, only 3 products are listed. They even put photos of the affected products which is great for domestic helpers who may not understand english so well!

Rabbit candy has always been a topic of hot debate, so for those who enjoy that sweet since childhood, do you have any strange or adverse medical condition that plagues you? Are you weak in certain areas that is outside your family tree?

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

why so much blogging?

Cos i'm feeling very restless in the middle of the night!

Plus, I have to write some stunning reports to woo some reviewers to say Yes to my reports. And I suck at writing. I figured that with more blogging, I feel more at ease with writing and hopefully, I can write better?

I may have to write in more scientific terms, so please bear with me.

As it shows, I can most likely complete my tasks something this life time. Hopefully.

*deep breaths*

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Stylo-Milo Little J

Our future star in the making....

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Arrowhead flowers!

This is so cute!

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Park your Shopping!

This can only happen in Ikea, I have yet to see anything like this happening in such orderly fashion in other malls or departmental stores. Have you?

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Dryclean @ Petrokiosk

You can now dump your dry cleaning in your petrol kiosk!

you will just have to trust that your garments will come back cleaned to you hee hee.....

Would you try this?

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Make Up Day

Then another day, when I was sooooo bored out of my wits, I decided to wear make up to work.

My fren D, called me bo liao when he heard what I did.... *bleah*

It took me 1hr to wash up and put on the make up and get to work! Much longer than what I normally take, which is like 5mins. So I concluded that its not time worthy to wear make up to work!

(btw, i work from home hee hee)

besides the eye brow set & eye shadow set, I wasnt very fascinated by the rest of the items! :P

I guess I gotta try them in different combinations again to have a fair assessment hee

when shall I wear make up to work again? any suggestions?

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I'm Queen of MJ! Yahoo....

Its rare to game after collecting $ for kang.... hee hee....

this happened really long ago... just decided to blog cos i just found the picture....

Woo hooo..... I love MJ in moments like this!! I feel like the Queen of MJ!!! hahahahhaaha

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Clearing Dead Skin

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Carpark Sensors

You know those electronic sign boards that show how many parking lots are available within each car park?

They used to be a rarity and maybe even a novelty? Today, they are everywhere! Perhaps accounting for a large portion of the INCREASES of the parking charges since they all need to be fed with electricity and we all know that fuel prices increase = increase in the cost of electricity....

I used to be curious how do these sensors work, I bet my mum is still trying to figure that out... technology is just too incomprehensible for her (she's still trying to understand what sms and internet really mean... hahaha... I dun blame her, she came from the generation where they have to get water from the well, then they have piped water at village chef's compound, they used to sew, read, cook in kerosene lamps and then they had lights! they used to spread information by the word of mouth and then they had radio!! and black/white tv and now LCD tv.... If I were in her shoes, I would have given up trying to understand technology long ago... but wait, isnt that what she has done?? hahahhahaha)

So one day, when we did not have to dash into the car and rush off from the car park, we finally figured out how it works! hee hee

There's a sensor that detects if there's anything underneath it. Must be some sort of light/frequency/infra-red stuff.. if the signal is blocked, then its "thinks" that there's a car in the lot.

This sensor is linked to a green/red light at the front of the lot. So that we can just glance along the row of the car park and quickly find the green lights for available parking lot!

The sensor is also linked to some central panel where it will calculate how many available lots are there in each level of the car park. Quite cool hor?

How did we find out all these????

just stand under the sensor lor.... hahahhaha

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

16yrs and still going strong!

This is the stamp on our 19' Sony CRT monitor.

I just discovered the year on the stamp a few days ago and is astonished by how long its shelf-life is! 16yrs!!

Woah, can our gadgets lasts that long today? Even light bulbs dun live past 5yrs....

This is amazing! Sony, you guys ROCK!

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New Nanos!

so colorful!

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Monday, September 08, 2008

A New Me!

Thank you to contestjunkie.blogspot.com for the lead to join this contest. I had great fun and best of all, a new wardrobe!

more on the story of the A New You contest here.


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Airport got check ah!

Even the layman taking the bus to the airport is now been checked!

Or has it always been this way? But when I take the cab, it arrives infront of the glass window of the arrival or departure halls and no one ever asks me to open my bag or check if I'm carrying anything suspicious...

Then why do they do it to buses or vehicles that enters the basement of the airport terminals?
If I cant bring forbidden stuff through the basement, I'll just do it via other ways.... not very smart leh....

got loopholes, must plug them!

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Help me!

Its been two weeks since they've been hanging out there... I cant help them because we do no own any long bamboo poles at home, we use the DRYER hee hee

It has become my daily routine to check on these helpless creatures if they are "released" from their hangman position. Despite strong winds, heavy rains, occasional birdie companionships.... they are still hanging STRONG!

I wonder who do they belong to? Must be from someone very high up, who cannot make up which level they have landed on and are not least bit worried about them...

dun they look helpless? hee

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There's smtg about 7th Month

There's something about 7th Month which I dun quite understand....

There is usually massive burning of "offerings" along housing estates for the souls that have been released.

But then hor, arn't the final resting places of these souls located at the cemeteries or temples etc where their ashes/body are buried?

So why isnt these offerings burnt at these places during 7th Month? There should be a higher concentration of burning to your own family or extended family right?

Ok, lets say these burnings are meant for your extended family, but you burn them near your own home? Would they know when and where to go and "collect" their goodies? Or is there some interesting network that connects anyone to their loved ones just by burning something?

I find the randomness of burning makes it tough for both parties to account for it.

Worse still, it usually creates a huge mess after the humans are done with their burning... pity the cleaners who have to go round cleaning up. Maybe there should be some campaign to tell people that 2hrs after their burning, they should go clean up after their stuff.

We should not be encouraging these forms of litter right?



Thanks to the resourceful networks of my dear friends, we got tickets to Singfest 2008!!!! Yahooo!!!

God has really been kind to us!!! It was Ad's first outdoor concert event and I can tell that he had a great time dancing away to the music!!!

the great folks who made it possible!!! Thanks jie! *muaks*

guess who brought drinks??? it has to be him.... hee.....

Thanks Ced!!

Guess who was the BEST entertainer that night?? It was Jason Mraz! His songs have been on the radio for months and sometimes its hard to get his singing out of my head. He really melted the audience with his great showmanship and his hot hit I'm Yours.

It was such a swell time that we kept clicking away our cameras hee...

We really went head over heels with PCD & Rick Ashley, who would have thought that this guy can actually rock the house?? Well, we were merrily surprised!

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Wish I can do this again....

I cant remember when was the last time my dad took me out to play... or even to sit on one of these pony rides... I can only briefly recall the rare few times we sat in our cars watching the mega screen movies in the outdoor movie theatre. I loved it there! But the ride there was long, I think it was situated in Boon Lay area?

I remember chewing on the melon seeds in the cinemas then... hee... that was fun! Now it'll be considered inconsiderate to make the noise! & also dirty hor?


What do 6 boys do on a hot afternoon?

Drink alot of beer.... 14bottles in all and this is NOT the end of the drinking day... *tsk* *tsk*


New Signs on trains!

Its either these signs are new or that I have been too engross whenever I'm on the trains. But I really like these new signs on our newer trains. Beats the old one hands down.

Qn: Are they designed by a Singaporean? hee hee...


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Wii Wii Wii

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Are You KettleBelling?

Its an ancient Russian training method using cast iron bell, read more here.

I still cant get over the first exercise... reminds me of chinese men trying to tying strings with weight to their groin area to exercise their manhood! hahahahahahaha

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