Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I made my contribution!

haha am in night class, managed to read some bits of the class first before the class starts and I gave my 2cents worth!

hope it'll contribute towards my "participation" points that i'll badly need to pass this module.

Philosophy of Science!

dun play play


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Auto Audio

I din know that the audio selection on Peppermint is Automatic!

Audio settings was put to mute when there is no ear piece/speakers plugged in.

But when I attached a pair of ear phones into the jet, it recognised that there's live audio output and turns on the "sound" for me at the previous settings.

So cool!

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WaYang @ Branch office

this was taken out of the previous blog to make it more readable. Yes, the most wayang thing I've come acrossed in the week hee

There I leisurely joined a queue at the information centre that was formed by mostly young couples. Seems like 2007 is a good year to settle down? (heard that the most popular date is 7th July 2007 which translate to 070707 wonder how many red bombs u will recieve on this day? haha) After about 3mins, it was my turn to ask the staff what am I suppose to do if i need to sort the loan information out. She promptly referred me to the HDB Branch Office. Good thing they are just located across the pedestrian walkway, if not I may not wanna go ha ha

Again, I leisurely walked over the the branch office and joined the first queue that I saw, got about 6-7 persons in the queue leh, dun want to be spending the entire sat morning sorting it out. Then I realised that I could be in the WRonG queue! ha ha ha. I kept turning my head round and round trying to read whatever signages there were. They kinda confirmed that I was in the wrong queue, since it says "Car Park Payment". I dun think my "issue" was anything remotely related to car park services unless they are referring to the size of our flat is like a small car park lot (which I totally agree) ha ha ha

So I went to another counter in the front that says "CPF" and enquired about the possibilities of increasing the loan amount to be deducted monthly from our accounts. The gentlemen was fast to respond and he punched in our numbers into the system and WaLa the figures were all displayed! Instant!

But he'll need Ad's NRIC to process the loan thing, in addition, i'll have to pay up the difference first before we can proceed with the application. So I had to re-join the earlier queue to pay up first while waiting for Ad to finish his banking matters. MAN the queue has grown to double its size!

Okay, am still quite relaxed about it, just do it first...

After about 10-15mins I'm done. Ad got here quite swiftly after I'm done, I gave him the stack of receipts and notes and he was the 3rd in line at the "CPF" counter. He was there for quite some time, at least 20mins. There was no one behind him for a long time too, so he figured, he could take a seat next to me while keeping an eye at the door for anyone to come in. ha ha

Suddenly, a group came in all wanting to join Ad's queue, he had no choice but to spring up from the comfortable seat and stand in line ha ha

One very frustrated lady walked out of the doorway to make a call to her mum and she was furiously exchanging words with her mother in the lift lobby which was really very close to the branch office. With the echos, we can all hear very clearly the contents of her conversation. It lasted for quite a while.

Then an angry Indian man stormed into the branch office with his hand on his mobile next to his ears yelling:"Where are you now, Where the hell are you now? I am standing In the office." I presume he was on the phone with his wife who was on the other side of the branch office behind a cubicle with one of the officers. All eyes in the room was turned towards his direction. We were all curious to hear what made this man so angry on a sat morning.

He kept yelling at the top of his voice at the HDB officer stating that they have been wasting his time asking him to go to a few different places, he demanded to see an officer immediately. The officer tried to ask him to tone his volume down in-order not to distract the others but the indian man continued to raise his voice, seeking comfort in volume. The officer refused to be abused by him, also started raising his own voice at this man. The indian man asked :"You look down on us because I wear slippers to the office right?" The officer replied:"We treat everyone the same, slippers or shoes."

I wondered if there general sentiments that the lower income group feels "played out" by the system or government and have low self-esteem? I am also wearing slippers that morning along with at least half a dozen others in the room but I wont think that the officers are looking down at us because of slippers leh. Instead, it should be envy since we are so relaxed on a Saturday while they are working ha ha

Finally another officer attended to the couple and they retreated to a "sound proof" room? Because the peace and tranquility was restored after that.


Another pleasant weekend

We were trying to sleep in late this morning, but we kinda failed to live up to our previous "standards", only kun until 930am *sigh* another sign of old age ha ha ha last time can knock out for at least half a day anytime, anywhere. Now even in 4-5* hotels also complain that the pillows are uncomfortable ha ha

YES we are getting OLDER!

oh well, we debated seriously with the following options:
1. have breakfast at home or downstairs with congee, chee kway?
2. stay home to clean up the house first or go over to the central to look see look see?
3. bake pineapple tarts @ home or go Woodlands to check out JBL speakers on offer?

We could not really decide on what to do for the rest of the day, so we just read the papers to "consider" our options at the back of our heads while trying to comprehend the trashy ST.

Finally we got our butts out of the sofa and headed for the central for breakfast (had to try out a new chee kway stall there) and pick up the ingredients for baking pineapple tarts in the late afternoon?

After munching down the chee kway, we spilt up, Ad to go to the bank (great thing about OCBC bank is that they are OPEN with Full banking facilities on the weekends!) while I headed out to HDB Hub to sort out some house loan issues which have been sitting there since Dec hee hee.

We went on to galavant around the central and by time we were done, it was almost 230pm! ha ha ha, unbelievable!

The debate still continue, to clean or to go listen to speakers or to bake?

Finally, Ad decided that cleaning wont take up much time and he started vacuuming the house. I continued with my "eye-power" and waited and waited. The waiting must be a tiring process, because I fell asleep while waiting! ha ha

I woke up close to 6pm, it was too late to go out or to bake because we have a family dinner at 7pm! ha ha, so we watched tv to "waste" our time away. Also enjoying in the evening on our couch.

After dinner we decided to head down to Robinson for their special special awesome SALE! Members get additional discount on some items. Knowing that we might go crazy during the sale, we decided that less time spent there is good, we arrived 45mins before store closing time.

Ad found 5 business shirts for $100 total, 3 cushions for $4 each after discount, Corelle plates for a friend at $8 each (usual price at $13.30), bedsheets (470 threadcount, far surpassing our current 400 by close to 30% ha ha) for $57 (usual at $150, 50% discount, 20% members discount, 5% members rebate) and some other stuff which I cannot remember because they have yet to arrive at our home.

YES, we walked home hands FREE after shopping in robinsons because for $150 worth of shopping, you get FREE delivery to your door step! Within a few days usually and the best part, one of the time slots for delivery is 6-9pm. Best for us!

We were still debating if we should bake pineapple tarts after the shopping, but we've got to go to church tomorrow morning and we decided Nah!

So we took a leisurely walk from Centerpoint down towards Borders and soak in the Sat night atmosphere abit. (get abit of exercise done also!) There was quite a bit of crowd on the roads, all driven OUT of the malls ha ha (wished that they would extend the shopping hours on weekends, at least give US consumers something to DO).

Borders was kinda PACKED because all the malls are closed and its not time for the midnight shows yet? hee hee

After an hour of browsing, we finally retreated home on our favourite bus to kun.

pleasant way to spend a saturaday!

Friday, January 26, 2007

GMO/food = Biotech Crop

Attending a seminar on GMO/food and its benefits to mankind in terms of increased food production, improved agriculatural practices, improved income for the farmers etc.

But I've yet to see the figures of how it actually REDUCES poverty/scarcity of food/distribution of food resources.

Neither did it address the health issues or tests or checks conducted in protection of the consumers of these GMO food

Neither have I heard anything on labelling practices in Singapore/Asia or around the world for that matter.

maybe i'm a skeptic, but after 1hr of yakking, the slides revolve around increased land use, increase $$ which country in the continent is the lead in GMO food production etc. Does the $$ really get channeled back to the farmers? Or the landlords just get richer, the government just increase their export taxes?

When are we going to address REAL issues?

And please do tell me that No One is affected in terms of health by consuming GMO food, I dun believe.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Where is the Seed Sown?

I like this reading, interesting, thought provoking. enjoy

Some people are like seed along the path, where the word is sown. As soon as they hear it, Satan comes and takes away the word that was sown in them. Others, like seed sown on rocky places, hear the word and at once receive it with joy. But since they have no root, they last only a short time. When trouble or persecution comes because of the word, they quickly fall away. Still others, like seed sown among thorns, hear the word; but the worries of this life, the deceitfulness of wealth and the desires for other things come in and choke the word, making it unfruitful. Others, like seed sown on good soil, hear the word, accept it, and produce a crop—thirty, sixty or even a hundred times what was sown.' Mark 4:15-20 NIV


I'm hungry

dunno who i'm hungry v v often these days, take my breakfast around 7am and by 10am my stomach is screaming for more FOOD!

even if i were to cheong down to the canteen to fill my stomach up, most of the stall vendors are just starting to prepare for the lunch crowd, way to early to have proper food at 10am.

Besides the walk to and fro the canteen will take over 30mins with eating time included, seems like a pretty long time away from the desk.

So my best solution is to bring snacks and titbits to my desk ha ha ha

(this helps in keeping up the imagine of snacking-queen) :)


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

MJ Hall of Fame

Some day I should set up a proper MJ Hall of Fame that actually documents the actual game and the player who strike that great game along with some story. But for now, this is a simplified version of it hee hee... Actually our games have cut down quite a bit because of a variety of reasons but most of all, becaues we've upgraded to slacking infront of the tv ha ha ha

here's some WOAH moments on the table:


Some Jan birthday babies

I say SOME because the list of Jan birthday babies goes far far beyond this photo, I think we have over 10 friends who celebrates their birthday this month hee hee...

here's with a bunch of folks at Pasta Mania from our church, we had a short "classroom" session with our Pretty Prudie teacher who almost fumed at a notty student with ultra long name of Nathasha Shasa Chloe T-Na Che-Ah BaR-lisT Leh Leng. Pretty Prudie teacher could not repeat her name in full and both had a long "tug-of-tongue" session with their names. ha ha ha

But it was mama SC who broke Pretty Prudie into tears with a keychain mirror hee hee (sorry gals, had to blog this funny incident)

But the surprise was truly on US!

I remembered one birthday WRONGLY! I planned a surprise birthday party, called the husband, told him about it and he happily said OK and I even asked what type of cake shall I buy... then just before dinner, our usual chit chat brought us to the topic of birthdays and the birthday gal announced that her birthday wont happen till another two++ more weeks!! I almost died! Of course the other "surprise" party organisers also dropped their jaws ha ha

well well, dinner had to go on right. After we all had a sumptous dinner, Ad sneakily went to light up the birthday cake and sneaked up on the birthday girl and we sang a loud loud birthday song for her... and it turned out that Ad did NOT know that her birthday was not for another 2+week!! ha ha ha (that was surprise #2)

On the actual day of the birthday (yes we are still talking about the SAME girl!) we coordinated with her husband (again!!) the time when she will reach home, we appeared at her place one by one and finally by the 3rd friend she smelt a rat! ha ha GREAT right? finally managed to surprise her. YEAH!

But her husband was NOT at home!! aiyo, how can we celebrate birthday without her husband? Poor fella was stuck at work. So we took the initiative to BRING the party to HIM. ha ha ha

GUES WHAT? 60mins before the birthday ends, we arrived near the office and the birthday gal spotted the colleagues by the side of the road! Which means her hubby is no longer in the office! AH ha ha ha

YEP he was almost home, he rushed off to get home so that he can meet us, yet we tried to spring a surprise on him. Aiyo, I tell you this couple VERY tough to surprise! Next year must plan a better one!!!

Nonetheless, we all had a good laugh and definitely a memorable birthday party full of surprises which surprise even the event planners ha ha ha


boys will be boys

these two boys spent a good day infront of the big screen combating digital enemies with their ten fingers, often exchanging tips on how to fly their "ghost"? or firing their guns.

they were so engrossed that we had to peeled them off their seats at 9ishpm for dinner! If not you'll most like read news of starved wives! ha ha ha


medical bill battle continues

I had to dig out all the medical bills today to "uncover" the difference that the clinic finance was asking me to fill.

There I realised two issues:
1. The hospital charged $1755 for the doc's fees but only paid the doc's clinic $1718
(the difference is GST and service charge - dun ask me why)

2. Instead of paying $1950 to the clinic as stated in MY bill, they only paid them $1718 so I've to cough up the difference of over $231 instead of $195 (if we take 1950-1755)
so strangely, I'm asked to pay the service charges and twice for GST?

3. the finance lady took a while to re-look at the tax invoice churned out by the hospital to give me some funny numbers to add up to the pay out that they gave me which does not tally with what is paid out to me by the insurance.
(if the finance dept is the ONE issuing the tax invoice, wont they be able to "read" & understand it like the back of their hands since they handle these bills all day long? its their JOB isnt it?)

looks like the battle with the hospital and the clinic is going to continue... shall we bring the press into it as suggested? hmm...


Friday, January 19, 2007


Somehow when a bunch of women comes together, they have endless list of "complaints" of their lives as wives, sister, working adult, mother etc all will spill out.

But does all this negativity help?

My mum has alot alot alot of negativity as well, her whole life seems to be a life of pain/torture etc. Her husband (aka my dad) is not a loving man (even though he tries, maybe not hard enough but just a tiny little bit of trying over like 50yrs is not really considered loving). Her in-laws and extended family seems to have endless arguments, accussations about her role in the family etc, some of the facts have been repeated so many times that I can almost recite and write a sob story book about it! Each time she starts a story about how person A is mean/evil to her, it doesnt end until everyone feels terrible bitter and sour about the issue or the person. Some of these events relate back over 30years ago!

What's the point?

I know it because habitual of us to behave in this way, but honestly ask yourself, does this behaviour do you any good?

Instead of dewelling on our past sorrows, why not live in today's Joy?

Look around us now, give thanks to the beautiful blue sky, abundant sunshine, laughter of a child, for us been fortunate enough to attend school, afford some bits of luxuries, giggle with a friend, play a harmless prank on someone.

LIVE Happy, make the effort to BE happy.

(this blog is inspired by a bunch of ladies who shared my bench while I was happily silently reading my work, they disrupted my peace and tranquility with their lives sob stories, makes me cringe!)


*bleah* going to Ikea Alexandra

wanted to go there for dinner just before a meeting at 8pm, thought that I'll have sufficient time from leaving Jurong at 545pm. Boy how wrong I was.

I missed the feeder bus that goes to JP and had to wait in a light drizzle with a hundred others eager to get OUT of the west side. The wait was unbearable especially when the buses that we want does not seems to come!

The strangest thing about SBS here in Jurong is this: in the morning, there were three 179 service before one 199 service leaves the bus terminal, in the evenings the reverse happens! I've seen numerous disappointed faces and lots of people standing on the bridge between the two bus service trying to peep out to see which service is coming first before dashing down the long flight of stairs to chase the bus.

Yep, missed the 179 had to wait like 15-20mins for the next one, the bus stop was so overly crowded that most of the folks were just standing on the staircase waiting in line to get onto the bus, pretty orderly I would say.

Arrived at the Jurong MRT station, quickly jumped into the train that just pulled into the station and I whisk away to Redhill, since I read on the Ikea website that there are TWO direct buses from Redhill MRT station. I got off and went across the road as instructed and again waited with a bus-stop full of people for their buses!

After 10-15mins with not a SingLe bus in sight, I was wondering if they were affected by the flood that Ad mentioned ha ha

It was getting close to 7pm, I was really feeling anxious! I need food! and I need to get to church by 8pm in this mad traffic!

Finally bus 64 came, I quickly went up! After 3 stops, it started to turn right under the MRT track towards Queensway! I panic! Did it change its route and the website did not update it? I vaguely remember that Ikea website mentioned something like 3 bus stops to alight but I wasnt sure, so I took the bus till its 4th stop, I was very sure that I'm in some deep jungle of HDB and I was directly opposite to Ikea so I jumped off the bus and walked and walked and walked.

I got to Ikea at 710! Phew!

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Settle Office Scores


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sowing Generously

There were times when I feel really really poor, not just in $$ but in the mind. It was the mind that creates that illusion that we have to keep everything that we have for ourselves, we do not have enough to share around. But it was Ad and God that made me realised that no matter how little we have, we always have more then enough to share, to give generously. It was them who gave me the assurances to let some things go, be open-minded about our future and put our faith in God that He will provide.

Indeed He has, He has blessed us with more than I can ever imagine. Sow generously.

Sowing Generously Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work. As it is written: 'He has scattered abroad his gifts to the poor; his righteousness endures forever.' 2 Corinthians 9:6-9 NIV (Listen)


Yeah! Report is completed!

finally after many months of procrastination, my report is completed and submitted, now its a test of how "efficient" the system is in "refunding" me all the months of scholarship that is owed to me! ha ha ha

the clock is ticking...


Monday, January 15, 2007


hey girls, i enjoyed the giggles that we had last week, it was great fun!!

reminded me of the few short days we spent in KL, giggling at everything, roti boy/ vincci/shopping etc ha ha

more more!

for some giggly reads click here, here and here!

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

iPhone finally

Finally after many months of hearing rumours, years of prediction, the much anticipated iPhone by Apple Inc is launched!


although its being launched for a couple of days, its not available in the shops yet until June. So it gives americans lots of time to switch mobile phone companies because so far only Cingular will be carrying it

Its definitely another piece of jaw-dropping technology that will make you re-think how clumsy our modern phones are. Its a full screen touch screen phone that does not require a stylus. How cool is that? No need to worry about losing that little piece of metal stick that would ruin your day if you cannot find a replacement (which is a common phenomena these days with the high turnover of mobile phones)

So here's a list of why I think its a BOOM-BAM-Wii device:
1. full touch screen!
2. no need for stylus
3. taking a photo, viewing it and even sending it/using it/emailing it is ONE touch
4. conference call easy
5. you can CHOSE which voicemail to hear first!
6. sync with my Peppermint seamlessly, I dun have to worry anymore about compatability issues anymore!
7. its an iPod! listen to music and view the album at the same time!

there is so much excitement about this phone that Ad can hardly wait till June to lay his hands on one. Now its to see who is going to pick up the FIRST iPhone in Singapore.

And if you think that this iPhone is no big deal, think again, Panasonic CEO left CES (Consumer Electronics Association's annual mega-gadget expo) to attend Steve Job's launch of the iPhone, report here at TUAW

Enjoy this humourous clip on iPhone.

More about the neat gadget can be found at the Apple website here


Friday, January 12, 2007

Baking Success

We've been trying (I said TRYING because we haven't got it quite worked out yet hee hee) to eat more healthily by baking our own bread.

The most beloved Guardinia bread has been rumoured to have too much preservatives, additives etc rendering it unhealthy to eat. (think about it, when i buy the $1.55 loaf of bread, the bread stays fresh for about 5-7days, but when I buy the S$1.90 loaf containing almost double the number of slices of bread, it stays fresh for more than 9days! how could they do it without adding MORE preservatives?)

So before we bought our own bread-maker and totally forget about using it, wasting our $$ and precious space in our house, a friend with a bread maker at home loan hers to us. (see, those who own it would hardly use it ha ha ha)

Ad was busy with his guy friend doing the guy thing at the time when we needed to go and get the bread flour for making bread for the first time. So he gave me the IMPT assignment of getting the right bread flour. Best is Organic he said. Orh! I remember organic flour organic flour and I found it! Organic rye flour! Yipee!

We set it up according to the instructions and something tells us that something wasnt right when the flour did not rise after 2hr and the pile of flour, water, oil, yeast, milk powder mix looked the same before and after....

it was rock HARD! ha ha. nope it did not mix well, I bought Organic Rye flour, not Organic Rye BREAD flour! ha ha ha... notice a missing word? the most import word?

aiyo, how would I remember so many things? headache you know?

After a few days of troubleshooting, asking around, we found that the Jasons' supermarket at Orchard Hotel has the MOST variety of bread flour. So Ad throtted down and bought himself some real bread flour and our 2nd attempt was not too bad. :)

Yippe! success!

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Gotheborg = Yo Ta Bo Ri

That was my interpretation of the name of a swedish ship that was re-created to re-sail the oceans as its predecessor did about 300 years ago.

I was surprised to be seeing this magnificent ship docking our harbor!

JenAd were part of the welcoming party to wave the swedish flag and shout "S***" (not shit pls, a name lah)

Our friend Otterman was on board! Ha ha, this joker, who does not really swim well, volunteer to be on board this sail ship that took 10years to build, at a hefty price tag of 50 million.

In late Nov, Otterman told me that he might be going away for a few weeks to sail on a ship, I have no clue what he was talking about, he mumbled some swedish ship, coming back from china, he'll be getting onboard in HK, arriving in late dec. I was like huh? Need so long to sail from HK to Singapore meh? Plane ride only 4hrs.

I secretly thought that he was just joking, there was no update until much later. Before I knew it, he was BACK! ha ha

Of course we had to go and welcome him and HER Gotheborg. Doesnt she look good?

This baby is built using as traditional material and method as they can find. Took them 10 years to find the precise type of oak to built it, I think they combed quite a few forest for this baby. 100 000 man hours to build. Although it has a motorised engine, the Captain sailed her without the engines as much as he can afford it. Even though its published maximum sail speed was said to be at 8-10knots, this babe went beyond that speed during the strong monsoon winds on her way down to Singapore. So much so that the crew have to climb up the mast to rope in part of the sails to slow her down. Can you imagine climbing up some ropes with strong winds blowing at you? I can, I'm sure its very very very scary!

Kodus to the crew who braved through storm and rain!

There were 3 other Singaporeans on board this babe and sad to say, their welcome back party was not as loud and welcoming as we were. All they could here is "S***! S***!" ha ha ha

It helps that we were feeling hot and sweaty under the blazing heat and terribly excited to hear the canon pop at Harbour Front. It all adds up to the excitement hee hee...

Welcome Home Otterman! Its time to get back to WORK! ha ha ha

also report in Alvin's Spiel


buzzing around the ears

What do you do when some things you hear feels as irritating as mozzies buzzing behnd your ears when you are in deep sleep?

There is a chinese saying which I always bear in mind:


it means that when you take bitter medication, its beneficial for your illness, (most chinese herbals do not appeal to the palate)
Like wise, when someone is giving genuine advice beneficial to your behaviour, it is usually unpleasant sounding to the ears.

I have no problems pointing this saying out when I'm trying to tell someone that its good for their health to take bitter medication, but when it comes to my turn to take the bitter medication, I ask myself WHY ME? ha ha ha

Do you encounter situations when someone is telling you that some of your actions are not appropriate? What are your responses to them? Do you take a min to listen carefully to what they have to say without feeling defensive about your own behaviour?

Its only true friends who care about you who would tell you off when you misbehave, treasure them.


Peppermint got new cloths!

Finally after months of resisting, Peppermint got new keyboard skin, its transparent, see-through kind. At least I would be able to see the LED for number lock & caps lock unlike the black skin for the black macbook, its non-see through, there maybe just one day that you find that all your password are entered wrongly and you dunno why. ha ha

I have to whack alot harder to type as compared to my PB previously, now with an added lining of rubber, I think I have to use additional 10% of energy, no wonder I'm feeling hungry so frequently these days! ha ha

my trackpad has got a new coat too! now Peppermint feels very plasticky.
the trackpad feels smooth smooth but also have to click harder, training for the strongest thumb competition!

Peppermint is so dressed up now, we are not afraid of spilling food or drinks over her nor getting black marks from hours of usage.

thanks dear for pampering Peppermint and ME :)


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Crab with Cross

In a Malaysian news article, it highlighted an interesting phenomena: Why Malacca crabs carry the cross by K. Mohanan.

"Now is the time for beer and crabs in Malacca, but for the Catholics it's time for religious rejoicing.

The reason: The crabs caught off the Malacca beaches at this time of the tyear have distinct signs of a cross on their shells.

Today, Mr. V. F. Chatterton: of the Malacca istorical Society told me the legend behind the appearance of these unique crabs.

"One day Saint Francis Xavier was sailing from Ambon to a neighboring island and the boat was caught in a strom. The saint calmed the storm by dipping his crucifix into the waves.

Accidentally, the crucifix fell into the sea and the saint prayed that it would be returned to him.

A day later in Baramurah Island, a crab was seen coming out of the water with the crucifix held upright in its claws." Mr Chatterton said.

St Francis then blessed that crab and since then annually crabs appear on the beaches of Malacca with the sign of the cross on their backs.

Mr Chatterton added that this story was recorded by eye-witness to the even. Fausto Rodrigues, and the records are still in existence in Portugal.

So my crab-loving friends, anyone wants to confirm the scientific significance of this crab? hee hee


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

bloody hospitals, money suckers

i cannot understand how such a big organisation can continue to behave so obnoxiously!

First I have a surgery, they charge me a huge bill. I pay.

Then I file claims for insurance for the amount that I paid.

The claims went through and I should recieve my $$ back.

Took the hospital 1month to pay me back my $$ nevermind.

But it turns out that my bill was not the final bill yet! HUH???

They said that the amount that is deductable from medisave is an estimate when I got discharged, so they have to wait for the hospital's final bill before the ACTUAL medisave amount needs to be paid.


When I try to tabulate the $$ I recieved and the amount I paid, somehow there was a shortfall of $231.xx.

After two rounds of trying to understand this shortfall, I gave up because everyone says one thing different.
medisave amount's claim was lower, so it was not "paid", but wont that be paid by the insurance claim?
surgical cost was an estimate at the point of discharge, so it went UP at the final bill, so I'm paying for something which I cannot claim?

Now, my clinic calls me up telling me that the hospital gave them a shortfall of $231.xx asking ME to top it up!

which means that i'm paying twice for this $231.xx and I cannot understand why?


they are lucky I dun have the documents now with me, else I'll go down and scream my lungs out at them! Irritating!

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What do you want to do this year?

I want to finish my research and thesis.

Most of all, I want to live a healthier lifestyle, to eat and drink healthier

to feed my mind with healthy food too!

I realised that if you read trash, you fill your brain with trash, you can only think of trash. Likewise, if you read good quality articles/papers/books, you fill your mind with good quality information/knowledge and you will be SMART!

ha ha ha

that's why I stopped reading the straits times! ha ha ha ha

Sleepyhead II

This lady, settled on on the bench next to me, with a careful cleaning of the bench top. She rejected another bench because it was not clean enough...

Then she opened up a nice hardcover book. (I really thought that she has so much respect for the book, to read it, she has to make sure that the table top is clean...)

then she plong her head onto the opened page of the book, covered her head with her hood and slept.

Does she seek comfort in sleeping so close to someone who is desperately trying to finish up her report? I dunno!



Monday, January 08, 2007

The Ultimate Exercise Machine!

Wah Ha ha ha..... I've been eyeing the dancing mat for my home exercise regime.... but you know what? There is NONE sold for xbox in Singapore because the game was TOO old!!! :(

After searching for a long time, there's a new game console that allows me to exercise to aerobics at home! So cool right?

and the best part.... Jackie Chan is the instructor! hee hee....

check this link out.

It has a console like the xbox/PS/Nintendo which you insert the game cartridge and the aerobics mat is a wireless device that is sold separately. they also have wireless boxing gloves that you can play boxing games with. hee....

So how my friends? what say you?

my bday is round the corner *hint* *hint*

just donate $10 each... ha ha ha... call Ad ha ha ha ha


Dancing on Ropes

Was at the National Museum of Singapore recently, it was newly opened and vowed to woo new generations of Singaporeans to visit it.

We were tempted to skip the "trip" there but was heavily pursuaded by Ladybird to go for just a "short while". Which turned out, a choice that we both agreed was worth it!

As we entered the clean and cool atrium, greeted by some funky displays which we cannot make out (must be I not artistic enough, confirmed by my Fs in my Art & Craft classes hee hee)

There was a information & cashier booth by the right side which had a queue of people buying tickets and digging for more brouchures to bring along, but there was not gantry or big signages to tell us which are the exhibition halls that require tickets to enter. So we just bravely climbed the stairs up without any tickets. At the back of our heads, we were wondering if we'll have to make a trip back down to get the tickets ... you know, one of those things that happens at museums when they do not tell you anything, make you walk up in vain kind?

As we entered into the newly built up wing of the museum, there was a old to new transistion of the museum. Dome shaped roof has transitted into transparent glass, allowing maximum light into the corridor leading to the new wing. There was a crowd gathered at the new wing. And we wondered what was going on anxiously, like little children entering the museum for the first time.

We found alot of people gathered around the bridge overlooking the first level below and found that there was a dance performance on the first level platform. After like 20secs, with the thick crowd, we could hardly peep through to see the dance, we wandered around and found a great piece of art on the floor. It was by a famous street artist that does 3D chalk artwork that is so life-like that you think that there are things sticking out of the floor. Through enough, when we peered through a wide-angled lense, we saw that the figures in the artwork looked as if there were layers! Amazing!

There were some information around the artwork about the artist's work and his talks around the world. He happened to drop by Singapore, found out about the NM's openind decided to contribute something for us. In 3 days, he drew out this huge canvas of chalk-street-art (measuring approximately 5x5m). Its really worth a trip there to take a look and be awed by how beautiful art can be. (yes, it takes alot to wow me because I totally lack imagination and never thought of spending a cent on a piece of artwork)

What I marvelled about this piece of art is its creativity and the artist's ability to bring that creativity across to the masses. You will be amazed that you can transform creativity and art into $$, but designing beautiful architectures or homes. Its a great way to combine interest with livelihood.

Then the music started again. With the crowded thinned away at the bridge, we went back to peer downwards, to our surprise, there were alot more dancers on level one, all strapped up with a harnes onto a rope each and when the music started, they started to pull themselves up on the rope!

Two dancers were inter-linked via a roller, so when one dancer goes UP, the other dancer actually moves Down. So You can imagine how much effort it'll take for BOTH the dancers to be moving UP the rope..... it'll take ALOT of pulling... but they made it seem so effortless.

check it out!

After the first dance was over, there was two dancer that came down the sides of a wall..... my my, they were doing a couple dance! They made it seems so light and graceful! Yet they were dangling on the side! (I almost wanted to take up dancing IMMEDIATELY)

the picture is NOT tilted wan hor....

We thought wow... two wonderful dance, how great this experience is. Just then, a lady hopped off from the side of the bridge where we were standing and started to dance in mid air as well! ( I was too caught up in watching her with my mouth wide open to take pictures hee hee....)

here's some later shots...

Definitely a great trip to the National Museum of Singapore!

Great recommendation Otterman, Ladybird, Al & Rob!

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Flight details or menu?

Went to check out the budget terminal one day and found this really interesting concept of the old analogue version of the flight information display board being used as a menu for the Hans!

Innovative way to preserve some bits of our aviation history. I like!

It really caught me by surprise that it was a menu instead of the flight information, courtesy of Ad, I kinda got tricked into believing that it WAS the flight information!

I think I must have been almost blind! ha ha ha...

close up view for YOU Nah!

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Happy Grilling

One of the things that Ad loved to do is to cook!

His latest fetish is to grill stuff.... why because after eating delicious beef, he went on to research about how to grill them the PERFECT way. He found out... not only does he need fresh beef to have fantastic tasting beef, he'll also need a grill pan to cook it to perfection.

(I secretly think that its his excuse to go SHOPPING for MORE kitchen stuff!!!)

Nonetheless, he found his perfect grill pan.... one that has got a temperature sensor (to tell you when the pan is HOT), one that has got grooves that allow the oil from the meat to flow out of the meat so that the meat would taste yummy and best of all, it has a circular rim around the outer zone to drain away the oil that oozes out of the meat. So its infact healthier to get the grilled meat!

(because in the real bbq/ outdoor grill condition, its over a live fire where the oil can drip onto the charcoal, so it wont go back into the meat...)

Hence the ultimate Tefal round grill pan (dun be fooled by the square ones, they do not have the oil oozing out, being drained away function!)

can you see that the red tefel logo is almost all RED? You cannot see the lines anymore, so it means the pan is really hot hot now, good time to put the meat onto the grill pan. (its quite dummy proof lah... plus its non-stick, so dun even need to put oil on this pan, can save more$$)

For our virgin use of this grill pan, we have Salmon! yummy!!! It was with the recipe that came with the grill pan, so it worked wonderfully well, we loved it!

Salmon grill: fresh slice of salmon, coated with a thin layer of olive oil, light salt & black pepper.
Grill 3mins on one side, 2mins on the other. or until the skin turns crispy brown.... if its a thick slice of salmon, then you may have to cook it abit longer...

after cooking... check out how happy Ad is...

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Nuts over doNuts

There seems to be a new craz in town. First it was the bubble tea, then came the papa beard now its doNuts!

This long crowd of more than 20 people in line, stopping human traffic in the T-junction was hard to miss at the new Raffles City basement.

And when you look up at their menu, you would think that they are copying the famous american Krispy Creme....

*tsk* *tsk*

nothing beats a good warm donut... have tried one really good one that leaves you savouring for more?

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deflated ballon

ever felt like a deflated balloon? Where nothing seems to interest you, nothing seems exciting, fun anymore.

that's a little like how my mind has been for a while. not sure what caused it. could due to the jabs.

I'm sure it could be alot worse, from my previous experiences, yep, there were many times when I wanted to smash something. Just smash something really hard on the ground. But I never got the guts to do it, because, I cannot find anything that I can smash that I can feel shiok with! Imagine trying to smash a soft toy.... it will bounce right back up! ha ha ha

I think its only shiok to smash electronics, somehow that image got stuck in my head! sigh...

Balloons are a symbol of fun, to bring some sense of joy to others.

I feel like a deflated balloon, waiting to bring joy, waiting to be filled with gas, hopefully it'll be full again SOON!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

On retrospect

On retrospect many items seems much clearer... especially when I recall how much reading my labmates were doing (those who are pursuring their PhDs), I also recall them constantly at their writing desk, reading and writing. While I on the other hand was busy like a bee at the bench, whipping out loads of experiments, churning out lots of data.

The difference is, they do well-planned, carefully piped out experiments, while I do the ALL-I-Can type.

The difference is, they have the painful part at the begining, the sorting out process, while I have the real pain in the end, trying to make sense of at times senseless information.

I am not sure if they got their different training directly from our sup or was it on their own accord.

But one thing I am sure of now, is I am still has clueless as I was then. ha ha ha

The reason why its called Permanent Head Damage is because there are so many literature out there, everyday someone in some part of the whole is saying a new thing about the topic that you are working on. If you are not careful, you will make the wrong diagnosis, use the wrong information. Sorting through what they have to say and what it means when applied to your own set of information is a real pain.

At least in uni days when the lecturers give us a long list of literature to read, it was pretty much guided, all geared towards a certain theme or message. Now. we are like fisherman, casting a wide wide net, you have to sieve through whatever you catch. If you are lucky, you might come across something useful. But then, you will have to verify how "true" this information is by hunting for other similar information.

Its a long tedious process.

Now I understand why my old labmates always sit on their desk reading and reading away.

Now I understand Su....

bugged again

in order to escape the big bugs, i ran to a nice cosy alley with power point, after an hour here, i got bugged again!!!

this time its by real mossies!!!

I hate mosquitoes!!! I have no mopiko here, so I started searching for something useful online, ha ha, there is an anti-mosquito software out there!!

by software catalogue and BKT Corporation found in Cnet

Too bad its only for Windows 98. Hey you mac geeks, can turn it around for Peppermint and me?

ha ha ha.... I killed one mossie while writing this blog, revenge is sweet! It must have known that its end is near when it read that I'm hunting for the software ha ha ha

LabRat yak yak

aiyoh, I cannot believe how hard it is to find a cosy corner in school....

okay, I admit, I find the lab abit too distracting at times, there will be people walking in and out of the lab trying to do different things at the same time. Then there are those who are trying to mix chemicals to prepare for their own experiments, they cannot help clinging-clanging the bottles around. There is also the ONE who tries to brain-wash me with his words-of-wisdom from time to time. If i got nothing better to do, I sit at my desk and la-di-da, I dun mind entertaining the ONE, so that I can improve my EQ (remember what my boss said?)

The worst is whenever I try very hard to concentrate on writing a sui sui paragraph, someone does one of those things, makes a noise and I lose the train of thoughts!

Maybe age is catching up on me, I cannot focus when there are intermittant disruptions that I cannot control in an enclosed space. Hmm....I dunno how I used to sit in MacDonalds to study for my exams, maybe that's why i do so badly in the exams also! ha ha ha

Anyway, so this morning, I became daring and adventurous, I took my things, stuffed them into a tiny clothe bag and went to the basement where there are a few nice looking benches where no one sits. The corridor seems empty and desserted. So I plong myself there, set up my cosy corner....

Just as I start to type out my most "powerful" paragraph, a few men started walking in and out of a doorway, trying to fix a glass panel on it. Yep, they worked on it non-stop. Another few men came checking on them and started discussing how they should go about doing stuff..... I had to try really hard to focus to "ignore" their conversation.

Nonetheless, I was fruitful and had a good 2hrs of writing a couple of pages.

I decided to look for a new venue after lunch... and this time, this venue got powerpoint! Hee, can charge up Peppermint as I work, so that I would not be confined to the time that Peppermint would have juice.

Still, at the MOST ulu corner, there are an average of ONE person walking up and down every min.

I just have to say that place is NOT as desserted as I imagined it to be. ha ha ha

btw, I'm rattling on now also because I'm BORED!

I'm bored mentally because writing is challenging, I need to engage in something that I can yak yak non-stop for a while ha ha ha

hope you enjoyed your reading!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Hello 2007

We were invited to our pal's house on new year eve to start the year with them and our bunch of good friends. It was a very entertaining start to the new year despite the shocking news of bombing in bangkok's city center....

Besides A&W's Lindy Hop swing dance mini-performance for us, we found our little godson swinging to the groovy music as well! check it out!

We had so much food, drinks and desserts that we had to pace them out with the game Catch-Phrase which we borrowed from D&S hee hee... after a few disruptive rounds (because babyA keeps trying to press the buzzer as it goes beeping hee hee) we found out that the ladies are better at it. Girl Power!

For the countdown, we could hear the neighbourhood going 5 4 3 2 1 Happy New Year! So we joined in the shouting match! Not my neighbourhood, I dun have to worry about being thrown out for being too noisy ha ha ha

Then it was time.... to do the most childish thing we have in the house... Sparklers!

Its amazing how much fun and laughter we drew from burning sparklers in the corridor.... BabyA was scared initially, but after our continuous assurance, he was excited by it. :)

In the mist of sparklers and counting down, Ad & Al spotted fireworks from across the causeway. Woah.... so cool! they had fireworks along the entire coastline, we just needed to walk along the corridor to spot them hee hee.... Needless to say, BabyA was also mesmerized by the fireworks.

I think at the end of the night, he could spot fireworks in the air from a mile away.

Happy New Year!

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Recounting 2006

this year has zoomed by almost liked it did not happen.

Started the year with a huge bang! Did crazy things like MJ marathon, pineapple tart making frenzy, visited a few new cities, met a few new folks and friendships grew...

Each month had something interesting to offer...

January, alot of anticipation for the new year and what it has to offer. Ad's into his 2nd year of travelling, so he was expected to be away lots. In the lab, I have started a new 6 months study on turfgrass, lots of work, prep and late nights...

Feb was all about gearing up towards CNY, soaking up the atmosphere at Chinatown, queuing up for our favourite Bak Gua and baking our favourite pineapple tarts and of course MJ tournaments!

March was really special! We were blessed with having an expansion of our home! So lots of effort went into getting the expansion unit ready ...

April started with a last min prep for Ad's surprise party and every weekend was filled with "house-warming" parties hee hee...

May was exciting because we went diving! Finally after thinking & talking about it for so long! At last my dive gear gets to smell sea water again. No we din see any of those big giant fish or sharks, but we had tonnes of fun laughing at each other hee hee

June started with lots and lots of rain and the passing of my dad, thereafter, everything was a blurr....

July was a time to get back on our feet, to continue to monitor mum and her needs and also attended ME, a great start to another great part in our lives...

August was unsettling in some ways as the initial blurness of dad's passing has blown over and the pain starts to set in. Good thing we had the opportunity to go away, to distract the mind from running wild.

September was a month when I was physically challenged on the operating theatre, taking the longest time known to Me to recover, Thank God for Ad's patience and loving ways to prepare meals and taking care of everything possible to aid in my recovery.

October was slow, still confine to being at home, but the bed and the tv were my best friends!

November was better, not just because i can move about more, but the restlessness was getting into me to get OUT of the house! So I tried, going around, but always end up feeling exhausted! ha ha ha

December! Christmas! New Year! and now its the END of the year!