Sunday, May 29, 2005

missed the finals of Apprentice 2

cant believe it!! we missed the final episode of the Apprentice 2!! eeks! wonder who won... let me check...

oh cool... Kelly won... heh... i think anyone in the finals would have beaten the lawyer Jennifer. She was such a bummer!

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Sailor ME

heh... sat was a great sunny day!

and my sailor friend Gallon Spree brought me out on a laser boat... so cool!

All i had to do was to sit in the front of the boat and look PRETTY hee....

I was all dressed up in a sexy bikini, overlaid with a racer crossback top and surf shorts and put on the coolest looking life jacket. I know nuts about sailing a laser boat and sitting where the sail was would definitely hinder Mr Spree's attempt to do U-turns, speed and navigate hee...

The first 2 hours were abit slow, the wind was OK only, (there were times when we were kinda stuck in the middle of nowhere and Mr. Spree tried for a long time to get us moving.... shh... dun tell him that else it'll crush his sailing heart)

but... the 3hr was wild!! the winds picked up with the promise of a storm... and woah... we had tonnes of fun trying to stay ON the boat... but one strong gust of wind took us by surprise even my delicate balancing in the front of the boat did not help us in staying afloat... yes we capsized!

however, it was kinda fun trying to get back onto the boat hee.... all i remembered was my uncontrollable giggling at the funny situation. upon evaluation Mr. Spree admitted that he made a miscalculated move.... whatever that was...

all i knew was that I had FUN and I got a TAN that's all that matters!

thank u Gallon Spree! =D

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

HK HK HK *muaks*

being a cantonese who grew up with tonnes of HK canto dramas.... It feels like I know HK at the back of my hands... HK has always been an image of a place where pple are vibrant and aggressively fighting for themselves (in a good way). I love that atmosphere where pple are always on the move, got that "never say die spirit", the HK that i used to know.... (from my previous visits) have its pple talking NON-stop... everywhere they are, they are actively chatting away.... There's just so much vibrancy in the air that gives you that extra push to shop for another 6hrs after you 10hr marathon... =)

but this trip has brought new things to light.... (or perhaps i've "grown up" and started to notice them only now). When I look at the pple around, they seemed to be talking less, smiling less and alot less cheery.... and the retail market is infested with lots of mainland chinese tenants, storeholders, sales executives that the true HK experience is kinda lost.

I dun wan to be buying my curry fishball from a mainland chinese who does not grow up with eating it, I wan to buy it from the HK pple itself! I'm there to EAT what the HK eats... not helping them to promote foreign labour.... (i got especially upset when they charged us extra $$ because we're not locals and their signages were super UNCLEAR, it never happened when it was the true blue HK pple who did this biz).

I dun wan to be drinking herbel tea from a nice looking SHOP which looks SOOO commericalised and charges 60% more for the same drink that i can get from a neighboury shop with small time owners.... the flavour of HK is in its PPLE. plus i can tell that the herbal drink is mass produced and possibly kept in some fridge for days if the stock is not sold.... so where is the FRESHness garanteed?

Having said this.... I still feel very very much for them, everywhere that we go, we are reminded of how they live... in tiny houses to fit many pple, its even reflected in their Ikea showroom (Darling pls upload the photo). I can hardly imagine living in that tiny space and still function so efffectively.... My admiration goes out to their preservarence in holding on to their dreams and always trying to make it happen (eg. Andy Lau my fav male singer/actor used to be a hairdresser until he got enrolled into TVB for a small time actor.... hee... its so funny watching the older dramas of him and Tony Leung etc as guards in the olden court house).

My point is... HK pple dare to DREAM and they dare to LIVE their dream....

do we dare to dream? I'm only begining to have a dream.... hope i'm not too late =D

Airport - Home - Jurong West in 1hr - for NOTHING

I cant even believe it myself.... i was scheduled for a mtg at 5pm today in Jurong West.... but I found out that I MISread my flight timing only late late late late late last night.... I thought i'll touchdown in Singapore at 1155AM but instead... that was my boarding time from HK!! EEKS

The plane was only going to touchdown at 1555hr.... my meeting is at 1700hr.... woah... plus... i had 2 pieces of check-in luggage, 2 pieces of handcarry to carry ALL by myself!!

so... i dashed to the belt that my luggage was coming out from and waited..Thank God that my 2 pieces came out quite fast... heh.... dragged them out of the travallator and loaded them onto the trolley... and dashed out to the taxi stand... after 2mins of queueing up i'm in a cab driving at 120kmh to HOME all in 30mins... so cOOL!

once at home... dumped all the luggage in the walkway in our home, grabbed the car keys and took off to get to the OTHER end of Singapore...heh.... SUCCESS!!

I made it for my meeting at 1700hr.... except that my boss (whom i'm suppose to meet) is NOWHERE To be found... I suspect that he had forgotton about our mtg.... now... i'm sitting in my office, feeling drained and wasted from all this traveling... i flew 4hrs.... drove for 1hr to get to our mtg and this happens.... how would anyone feel???????

Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday the 13th

is it always going to be a little bit freaky on friday the 13th??

today.... I had to run a few expt and i had to pray real hard for them to run smoothly....

however.... my lab mate wasnt so lucky... one of our machines decided not to have its LCD screen lighted up during the expt... so.... he had to rush his samples to another machine....

I sincerely hope that its a Friday the 13th thingy with the machine...

else.... the cost of repair and the delay in our projects is going to cost us some lots of TIME and $$....

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

final countdown

its the last 30mins of the race.

simply AMAzing.... watching it makes me want to get on into one of these race as well... at least for the free travels hee...

do u think that RnA has done so many evil stuff along the race that all those pple have bad vibes about them?? Like Karma or retribution???

oh man.... UnJ has little or not enough $$ to pay their driver... seems like their drive may have some problems with that... poor fellas.

ah... finally RnK are catching up....

but... UnJ are not able to go to the finish line cos they dun have enough $$ to PAY their driver... so poor thing... oh man... while trying to win their $$ they were concern to make sure that they pay their cab driver FIRST....

oh shit... i hate this....

YES!!! i'm so proud of them!

true showmanship!!

its breathe taking....

yes... for a tv addict like me.... its terrible watching this almost LIVE and not able to shout out my Awws... and Ohhhss.... and SHITsss with someone....

but.... its terrible watching so MANY twists in ONE episode....

RnA lost their lead.... for a while as they got lost in Miami....

pls pls UnJ Catch up!!!

RnA even left their luggage on the plane so that they have little or NO weight to hold them down... super competitive!

while UnJ and RnK have lost all their luggage during the race.

think i'm goin to get a heart attack from watching this season of AR....

also because RnA has done so many evil horrendous deeds that they throughly do NOT deserve that $$.

More jitters

oh man.... R n A got onto a flight that was already boarding

while U n J were locked outside....

due to the most incredible forces.... U n j got into the flight!! they reconnectd the bridge to allow them to board....

the fight is going to get tougher as RnA does not seem to be able to hold out under pressure whereas U n J are used to catching up....

Oh God pls BLESS U n J!!!!

Jitters of Amazing Race

well... all tv addicts will be so super addicted to this action-adventure series where the carrot is USD1million for the final team winning....

at 2030hr, world most hated team R B& A were last..... because their cab had to top up on fuel... that gave a huge relief...(by now u shd know that we r not so supportive of these two survivor-stars)

but in 5mmins... their cab driver caught up and they even got to the pit stop first... unbelievable.

imagine the heart sinking.....

now 45mins later... another twist occurs as R got caught up being afraid of losing and took the wrong road to their detour. HA HA HA HA HA.... hope they lose their lead forever!!!!

Political games or pure fools?

I cannot believe it!!!!!!

A approached me and Ad to help out in a religious leader event, we have to publish a commemorative book on our priest. Sounds like a great opportunity to service the church and most of all God right?

(whisper, dear God, pray that You will show us the "lessons" that You want for us to learn")

What we did not know is that A is a political leader more than a project leader, he can indulge 3-5hrs in lengthy meetings that often arrive at NO conclusions. For very busy people... It is seen as a waste of time.

So once the duties were allocated, we all took our parts seriously and attended to them.

Unfortunately, Ad and I are at the end of the processes... meaning WE HAVE to MEET the deadlines!! even if others took 4months to do their jobs of collections, compilations, design, layout etc... we still only have 8 weeks to deliver the full product!

Can you imagine organising dumping your whole life, work, friends, family just to attend to this project in these 8 weeks?

In any organisation, vetting process is important and often returns back severe changes and cuts to the product... in this book that we are planning, we expect no less of changes and amendments....

Are we expected to throw our lives AWAY AGAIN just so that others can take their own sweet time??

I cannot understand NOR believe what is happening at this stage.. we have prepared, printed, bound and even delivered the drafts.... and yet... A wants to hold back the draft for the priest's vetting....(WHY?????????) while B the "driver" of the project does not wish to speed up the process but rather wait.

Can they get into their heads that WE have a LIFE too??

We have traveling plans, we have friends, we have families, we have occasions to celebrate we also deserve to have some decent respect!

We are serving the church and God, why cant we be more transparent and honest with each other? Why the NEED for political games? This is about SERVICE and NOT about how good you are at the game!


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Irresponsible, Irratic Drivers

These days, the drivers on the roads are getting from bad to worse! I wonder if there is a module on on out signaling lights for lane switching, entering a major/minor road or even parking by the side of the roads.

Where did all the manners go?

These days, drivers drive as if they OWN the road, they switch lanes as often as they wish and mostly at the expense of other's lives as well. In one morning of driving along the PIE, I've encountered 2 such drivers. Not only are they travelling at high speeds of at least 80kmh but they also fail to check their mirrors or signal whenever they decide to switch lanes simply because the vehicle in front of them has signalled to make a turn out of the highway (slowing down the traffic by 0.1sec). Or worse, when they either drive dangerously close behind you (some call it tailgating... I call it COMMON driving) or they drive at painfully slow speeds (60kmh) on the extreme right lanes on the highway.

forgive me for saying this, but these mistakes tend to be made by either very young energetic drivers who has alot of "drive" to cheong or the older folks in their 50s or 60s.

Once, traveling on a small side lane behind a nissan sunny, he was moving at the speed of the cyclist next to him. Nevermind he's being cautious right? Well, during the stretch of about 1km, he was so slow that anyone would think that he was slowing down to stop. Taking an opportunity to move ahead of him, he suddenly decide to speed up and almost knocked into my car. Without any signals or wave of hand of apology.

AFter exiting into the main road, I took the right lane next to him to steer clear of his slow-signal-less ways... and he wanted to cut into my lane, totally without even checking if the road was clear. it was a good 1km away from turning into the main road, there could be tonnes of vehicles driving next to him. How can anyone even think of changing lanes without checking??

When our vehicles were waiting side by side at the traffic lights, he did not even have any sense of remorse or showed it. All he did was raise his right hand and shook his head and looked away for the rest of the time. Has he forgotton that as much as his life on the roads depends on the other road users, the lives of the other road users also depend on HIM. If he continue to drive like an irresponsible, irratic singaporean, it wont be long before a serious accident happen.

Bad driving habits accumulate with time, and perhaps, for these reasons, we should consider having some sort of checking device on elderly drivers. Maybe put a tester in their car once in 5 years after the age of 50 to access how often they check their blind spots, signal their intentions, drive at the appropriate speeds etc. (it is a form of job creation too!)

Please do think about how your driving affects the other road users.