Saturday, April 30, 2005

Long Crazy Weekend or Crazy Long Weekend??

yes... it was one of the most awaited long weekend of Labour Day.... and since its a LOOONNNGGG weekend, the activities are PACKED to the brim...

We started sat with marketing at a wet market to watch a lady demo an apple corer that does it in ONE step... initially I thought that it would be another scam to coax someone to part with their $5, but... the lady challenged me to try using it! hee... and I did. Woah... it was almost effortless to use it... and of course... there is one hanging on my kitchen now... still in its wrappers, but am confident that it will work well for me! hee...

then we got a call from our dear friend Blim asking "what time are we ready." "ready" for what?? Then I remembered the much talked about JB Bak Kut Teh that Blim has been lamenting for the longest time. It was already 12pm. We told him we'll be ready in half an hour and in that 30mins.... a historical event took place in the house. We CLEANED it!!! YES in 30mins, it got vacuumed, mopped, toilets scrubbed and even had time for a shower hee.... Super efficient sia...

That evening, we returned to our clean home and had tv addict + bfcumpartner and pd over... for the unprecedented MJ party!!!

It was almost like a mini version of Integrated-Resort (IR), we had MJ, xbox, food, drinks, music and definitely a bunch of great folks to hang out with. After 1 round of MJ, tv addict decided that it wasn't enough for her week-long wait of the game and we started another round at 3am in the morning hee....(good for me... can try to WIN back my $$)

When we ended... it was 6am. Stomach was growling for some good FOOD. So we all trottle into tvaddict's bfcumpartner's car and had traditional kaya toast and half boil eggs breakfast washing it down with Milo! YUM YUM.

And it was only Sunday MOrning...

Later this morning, we headed over to Star Wars Fanatic's house to do our "remedial" of all the previous episodes and also sew our customs for the premier heh heh... YES we'll be dressing UP for the MOVIE. So stay tuned for the updates.

By nightfall, we had to head back home to continue a project discussion with a couple of churchie friends.... they arrived at 8ish...... and the discussion din end till 2am in the morning...

Monday! you must have guessed it by now.... who would be able to stay awake?? So we slept through it like a baby... Shiok!

Maybe we should all consider 4days work week. So that we can all make lots of time for our family, friends, church and most of all....ourselves.... hmm....

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Scams of Neighborhood HP shops

I cannot believe that this is happening in Singapore!

I passed by Arrow Communications hp shop in Toa Payoh on sat evening a caught glance of an attractive hp promotion of motorola's E398 at S$68. Lady in the shop was initially confused about the price of the hp when I asked about it. She thought that it was going at $98. We both came out of the shop to look at the poster again and she acknowledge that it was her mistake. Next to the hp, there was a little tag that says 18mths. After being an M1 customer for 4yrs. I know that 18mths means that that price of $68 on E398 was only valid for customers with at least 18months contract served with M1.

I'm at the 23rd month... so the offer should be valid for me right? So I asked if I'm okay to get the hp E398 at that price she nodded her head.

Great! I'll ask my hubby if I shd get it....

Hubby say ok...

So sunday evening I returned to Arrow Communications and asked for E398 offer with a young man. He took a look at the shelves and replied that the handset is available. Thereafter he insisted that the handset was at $298 for those who are upgrading (ie no new line). We had a prolonged arguement over this fact and again we stood outside the shop both staring at the E398 promotional signage. Nowhere does it says that it REQUIRES new line for that offer. In fact it has 18mths next to it. So it SHOULD be made available for me.

He was unable to contest to that and turned to the lady whom I met on the first day... she remembered me from the day before and agreed to the price of E398.

Unfortunately, they ran out of the handset at the shop already. She even asked why I returned to the shop so late.
Her sarcastic remark of why I'm "late" was upsetting and uncalled for.

So today, I returned to the shop, ON TIME and gues what I found out?

Mr. Daniel Wong took my IC and hp number down and checked his M1 system and returned very eagerly to tell me that there is a PROMOTION in the shop. The promotion is for me to purchase an additional battery, desktop charger and 128 SD RC card at $128 after an incredulous discount of more than 40%. He could not let me ask if I could have just the handset ONLY at $68. He kept insisting for me to hear him out, to listen to the REASONS why I would NEED to spend MORE money to buy the additional UNneccessary accessories.

AFter listening for about 3mins, I declined his PROMOTIONAL offer and he took his slip of paper which he wrote down his PROMOTIONAL offer crashed it and threw it into the bin and told me that I CANNOT have the E398 at $68. Because I am still under contract.... 4 weeks away....

I asked why? He insisted that it was in their "Terms and Conditions" that E398 cannot be sold at $68 to customers who still have 4weeks of contract. We must be contract free....

Fine. I asked to SEE the "Terms and Conditions" which states that because clearly it is NOT on the poster displayed on the outside of his shop. He showed me a piece of expired pamplet and pointed to the bottom of the page stating just "Terms and Conditions apply". Just that.

So there is NO real terms and conditions. It just all up to each of them to STATE their own terms. Its such a scam. They draw potential clients into the shops with Incredulous offers and do not match it! The idea is that each of them earns their own commission by the hp that they sell. So if they can get someone to spend over $200 in the shop, they will earn much MORE than someone who is genuinely just interested in buying the handset with the offer.

SCAM! Dun ever buy anything from these pple....

I Love PMC!

I simply love PubMed Central (PMC).

Its a website full of all GREAT scientific journals, these good people made it a point to go backwards in time, ie to catalog and make backdated journals available. and best of all its FREE!

Its great to have such kind people funding to build such an invaluable resource to make studying, understanding and researching on science so much more easier and more efficient too!!

I love YOU PMC!

How can anyone not be thankful?? =D

Sunday, April 24, 2005


yeah. I hate both my printers!!!!

they refuse to work for me whenever I HAVE to get things printed!!!

They either "no printer detected" or "poor print quality" or they kept rolling perfectly nice white paper out piece after piece, piece after piece... as if it was a GAME!!!!

Qi Shi Wo Leh!!!

*wah* *boo hoo hoo*

Second Posting from Manila

I think we take many things for granted in Singapore.

I was in the Schools here in Philippines and here's the specs:

There are about 36000 primary schools here and in each school, you can average it at 5000 students and there are 40 teachers. They split the kids into 2 sessions and well, in Singapore, the teachers can follow say teach just one session. Here, the teachers teach BOTH sessions. There are about 4500 secondary schools. Well, it averages 3000 students but they have only 20 teachers and yes, they too teach both sessions. We have alot to thank for in Singapore. We talk lots about student teacher ratio etc. What amazes me is how they continue to groom talent here.

I visited a vocation college here and the academic director took out works of art in multimedia that got me stunned! I know Singapore is going heavy into animation too... but you know the pre-requisite in this college is the need to DRAW! Wonderful, rather than in Singapore where it can be a matter of grades: min 3 O levels, etc. And yet, things are tough here: the starting pay of a graduate is P12,000 (about S$400) and mind you, this is a guy with honours.

The more sober things aside, this is food and shopping paradise! Forget Hongkong! Every brand name is here and with so many malls, the brands are here too. Amazing! I went to a place called Greenhills yesterday and it was a flea market. What made it amazing with my first step into it was the fact that it was air-conditioned! Wonderful! Well, here, tee-shirts galore, bags, watches (the fakes), pearls, over-runs, handphones, shoes, shop till you drop syndrome! Guess I even found out that there's a cheaper place where these folks at greenhill buys from and I can't wait to get there! Bought Jen GAP over-runs and it was P90 (S$3) per tee-shirt. They only had white though. But yeah.. hee.. getting prepared as Sarah, my host here is saying I need to attend Mass before she'll bring me to this place. Supposedly where I will have to be on double triple alert!

Oh did I tell you that SKYPE, found at is a wonderful software? It allowed us to webconference and chat so well! Of course there's iChat... but it didn't work so good. wonder if it's the port thing. But my guru-ji is flying in tonight and he can sort it out! :)

Till the next change!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Philippines Finally!

After months of cancellations, bookings, and telling everyone that I leaving for Manila, I'm finally here. Yes... with 1 cancellation of flight, 2 cancellations of hotel; I'm here now in Makati Shangri-La, broadband in the room, writing the experiences of this virgin trip to Philippines.


The number of people here is HUGE! The immigration is fast but the queue was loooong. Americans, Australians, Hongkongers, Japanese, Koreans, talk about Tourism! To pick up my lugguge, it took 40 min before I finally got my bag... and and... it looked crumpled. :( Going out towards customs, they took the custom forms and I headed out.. Onwards, out of the door right next to the exit of the Airport, a group of officers are here to ask for this lugguge tag that was given to me and stuck on the ticket.... you know that one with the passport usually.. i freaked out... coz I was using an e-tic and I thought I lost it!! Searched and searched and found it in the end...


Ah, this part I like.. I get a driver, sitting in a black camry and the driver is all friendly about telling me how it's like in manila, teaching me tagalog, places to go. FRIENDLINESS. This is one trait I found in almost all the local folks here! And well, my journey began and I was once again caught in the famous TRAFFIC JAM of Manila. Anyone who can drive here can drive anywhere in the world! My driver skilfully took every corner, every short cut and in a turning lane jam towards the left, with 2 lanes turning and a tailback of some 30 vehicles in each lane, he could take the extreme right lane and at the junction successfully turn into the junction and onto the left side. I was stunned! Patted him on the back and said You're GOOD!


The first few days had me having at least 5 meetings a day and little time to explore. I did get some good food thought... LECHON, or roasted pig, SISIG, or Pig ears and cheeks (no typo error here) yes CHEEKS. I had the famous BALUT, duck eggs where you see the feathers... sheesh... (upcoming quicktime movie for all to see) best thing around... cheap cheap food and beer. Imagine, a can of San Miguel at S$0.60 per can. Even imported Ashahi is about S$1.60. Well, they have every fast food restaurant you can find in Europe, America and Singapore.... Old Chang Kee is here too man... So what do they not have??

So much for the first few days. Next change coming soon...

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

the 'extinct' croc

i came across a lady who was exploring the dangerous swamp lands in cambodia for a species of the crocodile family that was thought to be extinct. She was so excited about the possibility of seeing this animal in asia that she spent 2months trekking through tough terrains risking her life with malaria, dengue etc. All in the name of science.

Did she find it in the end?? YES!!

Harooy to yet another insight to a "lost" animal.

To the siamese crocodile.

the husband-less me

seems like the blog was dry without any imput for the last few weeks eh?

well, its because we've been super caught up with realities of life. a pair of good friends of ours have decided to split up. it shook me quite a bit as this is the first real-time case of the D that we are talking about. I guess there will be more down the road but having to know both husband n wife... its not easy trying to come to terms with their situation much less for each of them too.

in addition.... we've literally CAUGHT up with some "volunteer" work in church. We are trying to publish a commemorative book for a senior person in the church due to our experience and our resources, we ended up as the two person to be at the end of the work-chain... so all the upstream work like collection of information, interviews, creative artwork etc must be completed before we can do the actual publishing itself.... perhaps due to lack of communications or lack of transparency, the workflow always seems to get stuck somewhere upstream and we have a few days of tight deadline to meet to produce the "drafts".

Imagine have 2days to deliver a 52page storybook.... with WORK inbetween.... so at times it really felt like an uphill task... but perserverance is always at the back of our minds to push on....

with that....2weekends passed very quickly and we were left with yet another "task". to prepare my husband for his first real overseas biz trip... he was scheduled to be away for 10days... meeting different levels of pple and trying to get all his gadgets ready so that we can do video conferencing etc... can u imagine the nightmare?? we stayed up till 3am trying to get all the things ready, packed, setup and 5hrs later... i'm husband-less...

i think the "effect" of being husband-less has yet to set in... but will soon... so in the meantime... u pple out there... take a moment to say "I Love You" to your loved ones... give them a tight squeeze and then gimme a call to jio me out!


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

My Relac Corner at work SHHH....

I was afraid that I'll get totally lifeless and bored to death when 3 of my kakis left me last week. I'll be left all alone with another part-timer.... in a space of about 1000sq feet filled with cold hard equipment and machines.

So my darling bought me a gift which would so totally entertain me during all those boring times...

check out the gadget at the right-hand corner...

hee... did u see my 4inch mobile TV?? It was so shiok to set it up finally, to have some LIFE in the cold labby...

It was so cool that Ad decided to drop by and check it out....

But the best part of the day is....Bak Kut Teh with Penang Rojak!

Just dun envy me... look at the scars from work...

Monday, April 04, 2005



No baby... no no... if only.. hee... But for all those kind-hearted souls who called to congratulate, thank you for coming into our site and your kind comments. You make us realise that you folks are really out there reading all that we write! And being a pure FOOL, it's been a while since I played my pranks. 2 pranks this year. Enough said, all done in good fun.

We took a day of silence in memory of the Pope.

Somehow, having been there in the Vatican and being 10m from where he was has given Jen and I somekind of link within our hearts to him. The weather seems to be mourning his passing with the rain.

And I had the unfortunate reason to have to be in the subordinate courts today. A very cold place in terms of emotions and feelings. A mere your honour this, your honour that, a brief statement and a ruling. Not nice, even if I did win in the end.

Really grey as I look out the window...

Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Cutest Pig Face

Does anyone reminds you of your younger days when you do the silliest things? Like I remember my bro used to have a thing with his blanket, he can get pretty nasty when he cant find it.... almost like Linus with his blanket hee...

But here we have a niece who is 4yrs old, very adorable age now, she can converse intelligently and often with a cheeky grin on her face.

However, she's very very civic minded.... whenever she had to do her big business, she'll send out a warning to everyone, shouting at the top of her voice not to get near her because it will get very very smelly!

& the best part of it... she has the cutest pig face ever when she's on the bowl. All emotions are focus on getting rid of the shit. =)

How can anyone not love her? *wink*

Psst: hope she doesnt wan to kill me when she's old enough to understand what I've done. Hee.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Jen is Pregnant!!

And so it is now official! Jen is now PREGANT. PREGNANT! :) Who could have thought? Made in banyan tree, phuket? Or was it in the... well now now... Hee...