Friday, December 31, 2004

Sombre NY eve

Almost 1am: Although I was happy to be home from the girly holiday, I was received with a piece of worrying news....

One of my good frens, a doctor has volunteered to join in the Humanitarian Aid for Sri Lanka and is goin to depart for Columbo on the 1st Jan. Having to just recently recover from a lung infection, immense anxiety boiled in my mind till I called him.

Its a noble decision to be with the people in times of need. For that unselfish act of putting himself at great risk... Dr. Morbid... kudos to you.

Prayers are faithfully said for you Dr. Morbid. Pray that you'll be safe and brighten up the lives of the thousands around you.

Come home soon Dr. Morbid! *wink*

Thursday, December 30, 2004


Woah, seems like we were just talking about the trip and here we are... last day. =(

None of us wanted the trip to end, i bet we were secretly wishing not to get back to work... ha ha ha...

Had to check out the pool, it was shaped like a huge drop of water flowing down a slope at one end it had some water spraying out consistently like rain-water, must be very good massaging effect if you can get under it.

Water look calm and composed... but it was FREAKING COOLLLLLLDDDD *shiver* We jumped in and swam like mad to "warm-up" but it was really impossible to get warm in a 1million litre of icy-cold water. I gave up after 5mins and quickly dried up and tried to soak in the SUN instead. So clever right? Not when the sun also played a trick on us by hidding behind some thick thick clouds.

We had a few hours between the checkout time and the departure time for the bus, what should we do? S and YL wanted to sit back and relax by a coffee shop so we agreed to head towards Lot10's Starbucks to enjoy a leisurly afternoon.

I can feel the shopping bug itching inside me.... I cannot resist the temptation to look for my favourite MUST-HAVE shoes just one last time.... I pleaded with the girls and we all agreed on spending just a teeny-whinny bit of time on just looking for our MUST-HAVE shoes, no harm right?

After 3hours of intensive shopping.... we had RM$1000 worth of fragrances and oils, and clothes.... heh... must remind ALL readers here to practise SELF control when it comes to shopping and NEVER to shop with us... b'cos we dun really have much of it.

Yes, if you were wondering, we did have our starbucks coffee and even snacks....

We quickly headed back to Sheraton and got our luggages from the hotel... we now have the mission of stuffing ALL our new purchases into our existing zip-bursting bags. *exhausted*

It was peak hour traffic and catching a cab seems to be a fruitless wait. However, the hotel staff was pretty resouceful and managed to wriggle from the terrible jam for us ladies... ahh... how sweet...

We thought that we have KL's most happening places covered.... then, the cab took a left-turn from the hotel front gates into a side alley (which we have NEVER traveled before, nor did it occur to us to even LOOK in that direction). This alley was filled (to the BRIM) with uniquely designed eating outlets!!! Better than Holland V style! S started to reinforce her NEED to return to KL once every few months to A. check out Vincci's latests shoe range. B. head for Bangsa's pubs and nightspots and C. to check out the eateries along that side alley... yes we heard you S!

We almost miss our bus to return home due to the heavy traffic, happy to get onto the bus, comfortably seated and staring out into the "Unfinished City" wondering when will be our next conquer of this large city.

Did I mention about our thirst before we took the bus? No? We each gobbled down almost 500ml of water before taking the 5hr bus ride, thinking that there will be pee-breaks.... we waited for 1.5hrs and still no sign of any stops. *Mini-panic mode*
We stopped the nice gentlemen who was serving us tea to check when is the next pee-break.... he told us it would be another 1.5hr away!!!


*jaw wide-opened*

On seeing our expressions (of urgency), he added that if it was an emergency, he can make a request for the driver to find the next nearest decent pee-stop for us.

*nodding uncontrollingly* we indicated that there was not one... but THREE of us in GREAT NEED.... real Emergency... ;-)

Thankfully, our "emergency" was resolved by the kind driver and our trip ended with more laughter and wonderful memories of my first girl trip in a long long time.

When and where next girls?? *wink* *wink*

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

KL shopping Day 2

Day Two, we swore to out do the previous day!

We started the day with wishing YL happy birthday, S took a card from her bag and handled it to YL, while I struggled out of bed without my specky and dug for her present. I quickly went back to the warm bed after giving YL her present, like a little child, she ripped the present opened. tore the wrapped and a plastic....hmm... plastic?? it doesnt sound right, I dun remember a piece of plastic wrapper around the gift. I inspected the gift at the gift shop... how can it be? YL started reading from my "gift" like Green Frog, Brown Bear??? HUH?? I got her a brown bear alright... but it was an alarm clock! I also dun remember having seen a catalog of their other products in the box.... dun tell me I carried a wRoNg gift 400km to KL??? ARGH!!!!!

What YL got mistakenly was actually for a 2yr old little girl... ah... now I've got to tell my hubby NOT to give the WrOnG gift away like me.... =(

well, at least we got our joke of the day.... silly ME!

Plan was to shop shop shop in KLCC, hunt for Rotiboy and return to our hotel to change into party clothes for Bangsa later in the evening.

We decided to take a walk to KLCC from Sheraton, cant be that far right? We can SEE KLCC from where we were.... we walked and we walked and we walked.... by the time we got to KLCC, it was time for another pee-break! YES, it was THAT FAR AWAY! A serious note to ALL serious shoppers out there, NEvEr to attempt such walking feat unless you are willing to ruin the rest of your shopping day...

here.... we tell the story of a boy... named Rotiboy. He is a famous renowned figure in many shopping centers, said to have long lines of queues waiting for his arrival straight from the bakery. After having heard so much about Rotiboy, YL decided that she would like Rotiboy even before she took her first bite! Rotiboy is a bun soaked in butter and sugar.... YL was armed with 5 of them... after chomping down 2... she had to change her mind about her new-found love. (I'll leave the rest to your imagination before she disown me as a fren hee... *wink*)

heh... more shoes and more clothes and more perfumes and more accessories later, we were ready to leave KLCC for Bangsa. Heard another rumour about Tirumisu in a Rest. called Alexis.... We have to try it for ourselves.

We took the train to Bangsa stop and expect to see the stream of happening pubs and resturants at our doorsteps... but seems like that's not the case, instead we were faced with an open space for cars to park!!!! *blur*

Not defeated by the lack of activity in this remotely looking area, we asked around for the directions and found that it was going to be a 15min walk!! ANOTHER walk! (today is like the healthiest day in a long time...) finally we managed to locate the street of night-life and great food. S cannot stop oogling at the numerous tempting looking nightspots along the way. She almost made us swear to return to KL and just stay IN bangsa area hee.

Food was in tiny portions in Alexis, we thought they were trying to feed mouse... But the tirumisu made up the difference... it was interestingly coated with a layer of crashed nuts on the outside that made it very filling. First try.. yummy! But too little cream that I like, YL and S seemed to enjoy to bits too!

Great night! and WE did some more shopping along bangsa and managed to wiggle 2 free bags out of the shops hee... *contented* because I finally bought CLOTHES! not just shoes anymore! *happy*

came back to reality when we did the sums in the hotel.... woah... altogether we've pumped in about S$1k into the M'sian economy.... but it was worth every cent right girls? *wink*

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

KL + girl frens = SHOPPING!

This is on my recent OverSeas trip with two of my girlfrens. Forgot how much fun it can be to just spend time with good company. We were totally excited about our double-decker bus ride to KL, Rotiboy (YL's hot fav) and VINCCI!!

Like little children we cannot stop giggling and laughing at the silliest comments.
But like all sensitive new age ladies, we took our giggling with us at the lower deck of the bus to avoid distrubing other passengers on-board. For S$47 each way, we had meals, desserts and drinks on board the bus served by a handsome young man in a suit! good deal i would say.

Interesting note about this trip was... there's always something funny that happens during the day.

Day One, on our way to KL, we had a few toilet breaks to help ease our bowels... Just as I was done, I heard my gf screamed! She said something about the door opening, inituitively I thought that she could not open the door to get out.... instead... her door opened while she was stil at IT.... showing her face in the mirror right outside her cubicle! Luckily there were no men around... plus she did reacted very quickly... distracted all of us with her scream rather than a peep hee...

Back on the bus... there's a massaging function in every seat!! cool!! We had to steal some nap in order to have lots and lots and lots of energy for our much awaited SHOPPING!!!

We finally arrive after 5+hr on the bus... it took us a while to figure out which way to get to our hotel, jumped into the second cab after a hard bargaining... heh... I think the fun already started... BARGAINING i LIKE.

Woah... Sheraton, it was super luxurious plus the fact that we din have to pay for it makes it all the more wonderful.... we got a king size bed with a huge bathroom and toiletries all smell of jojoba... hmm....

As soon as we can unload, we decided to have lunch right smack in the heartland of the shopping district of BB Plaza. We took a light snack at Secret Recipe opposite to BB Plaza. I was told that The Ship was in the vincity, tried tilting our heads in all sorts of directions but just simply din catch the signages on it, its good for cheap delicious steak...... must find it!

First stop, Vincci, the mad crowd is already there trolling the hundreds of shoes, different designs, different colors. We told ourselves to be systematic, start from one end of the shop and scrutinise every display shoe till we reach the other end, with that simply concept in mind, by the time we reach the middle of the shop, we were all holding at least 4 shoe that we LIKE very much. heh, this is where the fun started, we grabbed hold of the salesgirls and started giving them the sizes of the shoes that we wanted to try.

In the meantime, we carried on looking on other shoes, we could not help but notice that some of the shoes wore by other shoppers were quite nnniiiiccceee....*slurp*

after much efforts of capturing salesgirl attention and almost yanking our hair out from the lack of SIZES for our MUST-HAVE shoes... we left our first destination with 10 pairs of shoes. not bad for a first stop.

lagging our huge bages with us, we went over to Lot10 shopping mall to find out if they would have sizes for our MUST-HAVE shoes... no such luck apparently....

Remember the Ship Resturant that we were looking for?? It was right opposite to BB Plaza! Unbelievely! We ate at Secret Recipe next to it and totally missed it! *ashamed*

We took our dinner there, seated nicely in a cosy corner, we were served by a magician-cum-executive Arumugam. He lighted our table candle with such a lovely trick that we got him back to do it again and even showed us how to perform that trick hee... dun forget to get us to show you the next time we get together. We all ate steak like some hungry shoppers (looking for shoes that we like was a pretty tiring job u know??) With Aru's company, we had a lovely time at the Ship laughing our way to YL's birthday!

time to call it a day, but not without soaking our feets into a hot tub of water in one of the finest hotesl in KL... ahh.... shiok!

Sunday, December 19, 2004


Yes, shopping for Xmas! And it's a whole load but what dampened it was a security check by a guy who wasn't even coherent at the MRT Station! Yes! I was suspected and had to be checked????????

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Xmas Dinner 2 2004!

So it's Dinner 2 tonight with our close friends Ben, Eve, Mervin and Jamie! And it's Beef Stew tonight! Thankfully I managed to get Oxtail today coz I had bought from Ben Foods 3 weeks ago and it turned out to be lamb and so it was so upsetting when I was boiling the meat and the smell came about. And when i used our BIG slow cooker, it died on me and tripped the power in the house, killing my PC too! Revived it only at 5pm... Now that's my lot today--- ad.